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The Black Rose Garden region - NationStates' Journal

20th December, 2004. 7:06 pm.(so_dark_inside)

I wanted to invite you all to come check out the new community for all Nation-States.net members!


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24th November, 2004. 12:09 pm. Hey all(titos2cents)

How does everyone feel about closing this community down? It's been over a year since the previous post, and the community no longer exist in Nation States.

Current mood: curious.

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22nd September, 2003. 9:32 am. The Black Rose Garden??(doninha)

Does this still exist as a polity in NationStates? I couldn't seem to find it. It's possible that I just overlooked in the vast numbers of regions available.

Current mood: curious.

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11th July, 2003. 4:15 pm. Heh, I so love my job.(mattmoo)

Dedicated to all my brethren out there.. you poor bastards.

Customer SUCK!

Clicky Clicky.

Current mood: annoyed.

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29th March, 2003. 7:49 pm.(margoeve)

So most of you have dropped off the planet, it looks like they are finally looking to 'upgrade' nationstates.
Take the nation States Survey

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6th February, 2003. 9:39 am. Wow, can we say repeat?(titos2cents)

I wonder if there is any chance that this game will evolve more. I haven't been playing long enough to get so many repeats. On a positive note, my population is exploding like the rabbits in Australia!

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5th February, 2003. 1:18 pm. No.(mfree)

That's it, I'm through with Nationstates.

After seeing "High-earning wagemakers pay a 100% tax rate" It made me furious. And, it'll likely be months before I can correct this.

The Federation of Linolea is now and forever defunct. I'll leave it up long enough for it to expire itself. If there are major enough changes to the programming of the game to stop this silliness, report it on this forum, which I'll continue to watch for a while, and I'll deal with my nation.

The game stopped being fun or informative long, long ago.

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3rd February, 2003. 9:13 pm. Nationstates has a problem...(mfree)

specifically in the UN. There are 923 delegates at last count, 185 of which need to approve a proposal to get it to go to vote.

Issue at hand:Collapse )

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31st January, 2003. 9:59 am. Reality vs. game(titos2cents)

In case anyone thinks that the game only loosely borrows on reality, you need to read this article. Is it just me, or did they pull this from Nation States' budget issue!

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30th January, 2003. 10:37 am. aaargh!(reannon)

Just dropped by again, with five issues waiting for me and every one of them a repeat. Is there anyone awake at NationStates?

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