Michael Free (mfree) wrote in black_rose_grdn,
Michael Free

Nationstates has a problem...

specifically in the UN. There are 923 delegates at last count, 185 of which need to approve a proposal to get it to go to vote.

Nobody's picking proposals. What's worse, I think the limit floated on the already approved proposals, flushing them since their approval numbers are now below minimum and the voting end date is already past.

Essentially, the UN is a glut of apathy, and nothing's ever going to get done as it is. there needs to be some kind of check to make sure that UN delegates actually vote on proposals, perhaps instead of 10% of the delegates approving, have a 2/3 majority of votes, so the abstainers don't affect the vote.

Of course, this will never happen... it's yet another downcast thumb towards Nationstates.
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