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The Black Rose Garden region - NationStates' Journal

20th December, 2004. 7:06 pm.(so_dark_inside)

I wanted to invite you all to come check out the new community for all Nation-States.net members!


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24th November, 2004. 12:09 pm. Hey all(titos2cents)

How does everyone feel about closing this community down? It's been over a year since the previous post, and the community no longer exist in Nation States.

Current mood: curious.

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22nd September, 2003. 9:32 am. The Black Rose Garden??(doninha)

Does this still exist as a polity in NationStates? I couldn't seem to find it. It's possible that I just overlooked in the vast numbers of regions available.

Current mood: curious.

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11th July, 2003. 4:15 pm. Heh, I so love my job.(mattmoo)

Dedicated to all my brethren out there.. you poor bastards.

Customer SUCK!

Clicky Clicky.

Current mood: annoyed.

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29th March, 2003. 7:49 pm.(margoeve)

So most of you have dropped off the planet, it looks like they are finally looking to 'upgrade' nationstates.
Take the nation States Survey

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6th February, 2003. 9:39 am. Wow, can we say repeat?(titos2cents)

I wonder if there is any chance that this game will evolve more. I haven't been playing long enough to get so many repeats. On a positive note, my population is exploding like the rabbits in Australia!

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31st January, 2003. 9:59 am. Reality vs. game(titos2cents)

In case anyone thinks that the game only loosely borrows on reality, you need to read this article. Is it just me, or did they pull this from Nation States' budget issue!

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30th January, 2003. 10:37 am. aaargh!(reannon)

Just dropped by again, with five issues waiting for me and every one of them a repeat. Is there anyone awake at NationStates?

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23rd January, 2003. 9:13 am. Nation States - for real(titos2cents)

While it is fun and interesting to make decisions that affect our little countries in definite and sometimes bizarre ways, there is now a somewhat smaller but real way to do this for the real government. This article describes how the U.S. government is allowing Internet access to part of the policy and lawmaking process that has been used by lobbying groups for years. You will no longer need to "know somebody" to make your opinions heard, and you will have the same opportunity afforded to the professional lobbyist without having to go to D.C. - what could be better than that? (Well, a lot of things, but this is a start anyway).

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18th January, 2003. 12:31 pm.(visgoth)

That's it. From now on, if it tramples the rights of the individual, I'm for it. I've been nice long enough. Time for some good old-fashioned despotism!

Actually, I've decided that the real fun of this game is going to be completely screwing my country over, then building it back up to be someplace decent.

Current mood: grumpy.

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